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11 08 2010


Due to the succes of our site here, we’ve decided to launch our brand new site


Please visit our new site for more great and interesting stuff for people who love Pokemon.


CELEBI Time Traveller

5 06 2009
Celebi Time Traveller

Celebi Time Traveller

Celebi’s best moves is TIME TRAVEL or ENERGY BALL

Celebi is a phychic+ grass type pokemon

Celebi’s ability is natural cure


30 09 2008

These are some of my favourite cuddly seals, all of them are Harp Seals.

Lora is the biggest seal, Creran is the smallest seal and the newest addition to my cuddly family.

The first cuddly seal I got was Sula. I got her from the Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary at Barcaldine, Oban; what a fantastic place- I wish I could go there every day- I just love it.

The second seal I got was Fingal. The third seal I got was Lorne.

I don’t have one favourite- they are all my favourite.

EEVEE and it’s evolutionary forms

21 08 2008

The Return of Pikachu Video

1 07 2008


1 07 2008


Hello world!

1 07 2008

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